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This is the very first post of our blog, which we hope that will grow and eventually become one of the biggest Android related blogs.
So, after bricking my old HTC Desire S after flashing a Kit Kat ROM on it, a little more than 1 month ago, I got the Nexus 5. In this text review, I'll write about the good, the bad and the ugly things of the N5.
The good.
First of all, let's talk about the good aspects of the device. It sports the Snapdragon 800 SoC(4xKrait 400 2.26GHZ CPU + Adreno 330 GPU), thanks to which the phone has stellar performance, and is probably the smoothest Android phone around. To support this kind of power, there are 2GB of RAM, and a wonderful 1080P 4.95" display (445 PPI).
The phone is made out of plastic, but it is soft-touch material, unlike Samsung's Galaxy line of devices. It doesn't feel super premium like the HTC One or the iPhone 5/5S, but it is far away from feeling cheap. The hardware power and volume buttons are ceramic.
The Nexus 5 runs Kit Kat, and it does run it pretty well. Since it's a Nexus device, you will be getting updates to the newest version of Android pretty quick after it's release. My favorite Kit Kat feature is lock screen album art. I haven't seen many people write about this, but 
A couple of screenshots of the Nexus 5 running the latest stock Kit Kat 4.4.2 built by Google.

But probably, this phone's best feature is it's price, 349€ for 16GB and 399€ for 32GB models. If you are looking for an Android flagship device, this one has the most bang for buck.
The bad.
As any other phone available right now, the Nexus 5 has also got it's downsides. While the 1.3MP FFC will deliver good enough selfies, the 8MP main camera is okay for a smartphone but not that good for a flagship phone. There is one bonus point here though, since it features OIS, the low-light pictures might be better than some other flagship phones, and the 1080P video recording is on par with any other flagship.
As you can see in the sample video below, the video quality is rather good.

Here are also some still shot samples of the Nexus 5's camera. Some of them are enhanced
through Google's own Google+ auto-enhance feature.

The ugly.
One of the most criticized aspects of the Nexus 5 is it's speaker. And I will second to all other reviewers out there. While there are two speaker grills on the bottom of the phone, only one of them is actually a speaker, just like on the iPhone 5S. Unfortunately, the speaker performance isn't nearly as good as we might want to see on a flagship phone.

The bottom line.
To sum everything up, I will say that this phone, despite a couple of issues, is still one of the best smartphones money can buy. Especially, with the price tag the phone has. Again, 349€ for the 16GB model and 399€ for the 32GB model, which is an awesome price tag!
At the end, you are the one who will choose to either go and buy a Nexus 5 or another device, but one thing I will assure you is that you won't go wrong if you buy a Nexus 5!

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