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Samsung unpack event was just over! Just in case someone missed the live event, here is a timeline of the event.Note that this review will be different from others as I will be discussing what happened exactly during the event.

The event started off with a musical orchestra.(boring!)

Look at the amount of audience!No doubt they are either reporters or camera crewman or Samsung ethusaist.

Samsung Electronics President and CEO coming on stage.
“Our consumers don’t want the most high-tech … they want beautiful design and performance.” 

How the Galaxy S series had changed over the years. Starting with the original Galaxy S all the way to Galaxy S4.

Number of Galaxy S series sold over the years is 200000000! Though Samsung had been heavily criticized for it's "plasticky" feel of the phone, consumers still have not stopped supporting Samsung.

When designing the Galaxy S5, Samsung had 5 main objectives.
1. Better design
2. Better Camera
3. Better connectivity
4. Designing for the health conscious
5. Designing to suit the lifestyle of user

Official first look at the S5.

The S5 comes with a fast connectivity modem.

A LTE Cat 4,which is more commonly known as LTE Advanced.It can achieve up to 150Mbps in theory.

WiFi MIMO. This is an old technology actually. This technology allows the device to achiveve higher performance by more aggressively transmitting and receiving data over Wi-Fi channels

                                                                            The download booster will allow you to split a download over WiFi and LTE when both are available to speed up the arrival of whatever you’re seeking on the phone.

With a new and improved camera, the S5 has the fastest 16-megapixel smartphone camera which focuses in 0.3 seconds and 
the video camera shoots at 4K.

The S5 will water and dust resistance with IP67 certification.Water resistance means that the charging socket has a flap to keep it dry.
With a new Touchwiz, comes with more features. One of this is "Ultra Power Saving Mode".This option will turn off colors, and switches to a black and white mode, while at the same time flipping the switch on most connectivity options. With such a draconian measure, the  2800mAh battery will last longer(duh). J K Shim claims that "If my Galaxy S5 is down to only 10% battery, it can still last up to 24 hours in standby."

The colours of the back plate will be(from left to right)  charcoal black,electric blue,copper gold and shimmery white.


The pair of wearables comes as a surprise as Samsung had just announced a pair of smartwatches running Tizen a day before the event.

The new settings menu has gone way too far away from AOSP. Ever since the Galaxy S4, Touchwiz settings menu has differentiated itself from AOSP.

I don't understand Samsung. When Google started using blue accent in the Operating System, Samsung insists on sticking to Gingerbread green. Now that Google started to move away from blue accent and starting to use white, Samsung has (finally) started to use blue accent in the OS. Those flat icons also reminds me of iOS.

Demo of the new camera.

Paypal has decided to work with Samsung with mobile payment. Swiping your finger print will act as your "pin" for your account now.

With private mode, nobody else can access your photos(except yourself, of course).The fingerprint will act as an authentication to open the private gallery.

With Kids Mode, your kids have no access to your usual apps except apps that Samsung deemed child-friendly.

The fitness band will have the first curved super AMOLDED display on a watch.

Changing the strap is easy as popping out of it's holder. The strap can now be changeable to suit your attire and occasion.
Accessories that Samsung will be selling together with the S5.

That's all. What do you think about the S5? Will you be buying it? Let us know in the comment below!

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