Posted by : Vardan Nazaretyan Sunday, March 2, 2014

In this article, I want to talk about the Galaxy S5 and the reception of the tech community.

So all I can see on the internet is people bashing Samsung for making a device which is just slightly different from the S4. But let us have a look again at what they did with the S5.

First of all, the camera.
Now as you may already have heard, the camera on the S4 has been improved. To the average customer, it is just a megapixel bump by 3 megapixels but since we are tech geek community we shall look deeper into changes. They didn't only bump the resolution, they also have given the camera a new technology which I believe is Samsung made and they even have a patent on it. It is called ISOCELL and a good explanation of how it differs from the conventional sensors (CMOS) could be found here at Tom's Hardware.

The build quality.
While it can't compete against the One or the iPhone 5/5S, it is still a major step forward to a much better materials. They have ditched the glossy plastic which is a very welcome change. We might want to wait and see though how the new material fairs against big names like the One or the iPhone.

The software.
Don't get me wrong, TouchWiz is still far away from being perfect but it is now a lot more beautiful (or a lot less ugly) than the older iteration of it. Now we see Samsung improving their software rather than designing it uglier.

Final thoughts.
To sum it up, I want to tell you guys that it seems that Samsung has done this year something many of us, geeks were asking for. Instead of packing gazillions of gimmicks, they only packed two of them: a fingerprint scanner(a debatable gimmick) and a heartbeat sensor. I can see people using a fingerprint scanner but I don't know anyone who buy phones based on the presence of a heartbeat sensor, which is absurd. But again, this iteration of the device doesn't have a lot of added bloatware (though it does come with the old bloatware), which is nice to see since Samsung was adding new bloatware on every new Galaxy S flagship every year.
So what are your thoughts guys? Feel free to share them in the comments!

P.S. to get a final impression we shall wait and see for reviews from big names and if we are lucky, we might get a review unit by ourselves!

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