Posted by : Vardan Nazaretyan Sunday, March 16, 2014

So the launch of the HTC M8(the all new One) is on March 25, and I think all of us mobile geeks are very excited about what it will turn out to be.
So I write this article to round-up all the leaked information about the M8. Feel free to correct me if you see any mistakes. :)

The Display: according to rumors we shall receive a 5" 1080P SLCD3 display, so a kinda stretched out version of the One (2013)'s phenomenal display. The phone will feature on-screen buttons, something that many geeks have been asking HTC for so long and HTC decided to make it happen (kudos to them for that). I do hope that there will be at least some sort of customization of the keys though it will not be a deal-breaker feature for me. It is also said that you can wake your phone with a double-tap on the screen (similar to "Knock On" from LG G2 or Lumia phones) and when you swipe up on the screen while it is turned off you will get straight to BlinkFeed (kinda need idea if you ask me, just like on BB10 devices).

Performance: It is rumored to be a Snapdragon 800 or 801 clocked @2.3GHZ. Top of the line SoC without any doubt (a major upgrade over the older HTC One). The SoC is backed up by 2GB of RAM. The phone will have Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat with Sense v6 preinstalled, which should deliver stellar performance.

Cameras: Now if you ask me, this is the most interesting part about the One. According to leaked pictures, videos and sales guides', the phone will have 2(yes, two!) rear cameras. It isn't fully clear for what they are good yet, though one should be able to refocus a picture taken with the rear cameras after it is taken (awesome feature present on Lumia devices). There is no word on resolution although at least one of both cameras will be UltraPixel (no word on the second camera).
The front-facing camera will have a resolution of 5MP so if you are a Selfie-maniac then you will probably love it!

Build quality and speakers will be practically the same with the only difference that they won't be powered by Beats. But one thing for sure, they will keep the awesome quality we have come to love from the original One.

So, this was the rumor roundup for the HTC One (all new One, M8, One 2014, call it what you want). If you think that I have missed anything feel free to comment!

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