Posted by : Gursimran Bedi Monday, February 17, 2014

Hey guys. My name is Gursimran Bedi and this is my first post on Droid Agency :D
So. Like +Vardan Nazaretyan's review on the N5 I'll mention the good, bad and ugly from the 6 months I had with my HTC One.


The One is widely know about the front facing speaker for a reason, they aren't the loudest but they do sound very good, better than any other phone I've heard.

The screen on the HTC One is one of the best if not the best and crispest 1080p displays ever! Outside viewing isn't as good as I'd like it but still does way better than the Galaxy S4. Colour reproduction is so 'natural'.

I love the UI which is Sense 5.5 android 4.3. It's clean, fast and flat while being different to stock android which is getting extremely boring to me. It's simply the best UI for me. And Blinkfeed is not useless!

The battery is good not bad but not the best either. I get over 4 hours of screen on time every time. Once I got 5 hours and 48 minutes of screen on time which I think is pretty good, certainly better than my GS2 could ever get with Roms.

The camera is pretty good. It takes some really good pictures until you zoom in. At night it takes acceptable photos but nothing too great.


Charging the One usually takes from 2 - 3 hours which isn't too bad but could be better. It's not a problem for me at all since I just leave my phone and forget about it for a few hours.


The power button aka the IR blaster and the volume rocker are starting to feel kind of flush. 


I don't think you should go and get a HTC One right now since the HTC Two will be out in a month or two.

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